Alumni & Friends

A 4 by 3 grid of alumni in various locationsAfter Western

Since we opened our classroom doors in 1968, more than 5,000 students have graduated from Huxley College. Many have become respected leaders in a wide variety of fields in both the public and private sector--airport management, conservation, ecosystems analysis, environmental education, habitat biology, hazards mitigation, renewable energy innovation, urban planning, watershed management, wildlife biology, and more.

Currently, Huxley College alumni hold senior level positions in local, state, and federal government; have been elected to numerous public offices; and are involved in projects around the globe. Our graduates have led the way throughout the past 40 years, and they will continue to lead us into the future.

No matter what career path they have chosen, Huxley College alumni have one thing in common: a passion for conservation, whatever form that might take.

Friends of Huxley College

Our donors typically share that passion, and recognize that to give to Huxley College is to help fight the host of environmental problems facing our local community and beyond. Financial gifts to the college take a variety of forms, from scholarship assistance to operating expenses. Our supporters often have a specific goal in mind: the preservation of old-growth forest for student exploration; a scholarship to aid students studying emergency management planning; endowment funds to support a student transferring to Western from a Washington state community college; or travel advances to allow graduate students to present research findings at a qualifying national environmental science conference.

At Huxley College, our alumni and friends are passionate about education and the environment. Together, we recognize that it’s possible to change the world one person—and one idea—at a time.