Environmental Studies Peer-2-Peer Mentoring

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On a Path to Success, Together!

The Department of Environmental Studies' Peer-2-Peer mentor program aims to provide a helping hand to students who identify as first generation, Pell-grant eligible, and community college transfer students. Based upon your interests, mentors and mentees will engage in activities together to help develop professional, academic and social identity as Environmental Studies majors and future environmental problem solvers.

These activities may include:

  • Personalized advising and registration support

  • Exploration of Environmental Studies majors

  • Workshops

  • Social gatherings

  • Academic schedule building

  • Attendance at conference, lectures and seminars

  • Exploring Bellingham and greater Whatcom County

  • Campus resource tours

  • Study sessions and help on assignments 

  • Free food,

  • and more

Peer2Peer Mentoring can provide a SHARED learning experience in exploring University and community resources, developing your academic, social, and professional identity. 

Apply to become a mentee here: 




Meet Our Mentors


Hello, I’m Skylar (He, Him, His). I am a fourth year at Western studying Urban Sustainability with a minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  I am passionate about the equitable development of communities and the use of GIS to achieve this. I am also interested in sustainable agriculture, permaculture gardening, and just about anything related to the preservation of public land. I grew up in a small town in northern New Mexico and was drawn to Western because of the college of the environment. As an out-of-state student, I felt overwhelmed by moving to a foreign place but have found a sense of community in the Environmental Studies program. Because of my experience as an out-of-state student, I would like to be a resource to assist anyone who might feel like they have yet to find their place in our community.

Outside of the classroom, I am an avid outdoorsman. I find skiing, mountain biking, fly fishing, and camping to be a source of inspiration for being a steward of the land. I'm excited to share my failures and successes with my mentees and ultimately make the Environmental Studies program feel like a welcoming community.


B.A. Urban Sustainability, Minor: Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Megan at Salish Sea

"Howdy, I’m Megan (She/her). I am a fourth-year student studying environmental studies with a focus on community justice and resilience with a double minor in environmental education and disaster risk reduction. I am passionate about educating others on food insecurity and community resources with an environmental approach. I love being a part of change at western by being an active community member and have hosted several campus events related to my passion. I also love to travel and this past summer I studied abroad in Costa Rica and learned about food and community resilience and sustainability. Outside of the classroom I love to learn about plants, houseplants, outdoor gardening, and aquatic plants. I have been growing plants for over 6 years and am absolutely fascinated by them. They are actually the reason I decided to learn about the environment at Western. 

As for my origin story, I grew up in Tacoma Washington just south of Seattle. I've lived in that area for most of my life and consider the Salish Sea my home. My main hobbies include hiking, acrylic painting and cooking new vegetarian recipes.  

I wanted to become a peer mentor because I love connecting with students. I have 2 years of experience working as a student support staff for non-traditional students and have learned so much about the resources and services that Western offers as well as how to navigate Western academics. It's so special to be able to help support my peers accomplish their goals. I would love to meet you!"

Megan Hunger
B.A. Environmental Studies, Minors: Disaster Risk Reduction, Environmental Education
Mia Lumbley

Hello! My name is Mia Lumbley (she/her). I am a fifth-year student at Western with a major in environmental studies with an emphasis in justice and community resilience, along with minors in environmental education, environmental justice, and international studies. I have been a peer mentor since last year and I am looking forward to starting this program up again.

I grew up in a rural town in Northern California and transferred to Western in the fall of 2020. As an out-of-state student I can relate to this seemingly universal feeling of “how do I make connections at WWU? How can I feel a sense of belonging? How do I even start this process?” These questions are what drove me to become a peer mentor so that I can help my fellow peers find their place at Western and all that Bellingham has to offer. I love being outside with very granola girl-esque hobbies: hiking, roller-skating, camping, and indoor gardening. While I do love the outdoors, I am also a huge homebody with indoor hobbies of cooking, playing video games, and making art. I am looking forward to bringing my mentees to a variety of activities that are for introverts and extroverts, those who like the outdoors and those who like being indoors.

If you have any questions about the Peer-2-Peer program, please email me at lumblem@wwu.edu.


Mia Lumbley
Environmental Studies, emphasis in Justice & Community Resilience, BA; Environmental Education, Environmental Justice, International Studies, minors